By using SwedLimo for your project you will work with the same coordinator throughout the project, with the exception of any illness or vacation. In doing so it saves time by not having to repeat everything all the time, and which minimize the errors that may occur.


When you submit your project to us as we go through the itinerary to give us an overview of the entire project and see if there is any information which is incomplete, missing or incorrect, such as spelling errors, miscalculations in travel times or if we believe that you asked the wrong type of vehicle.


If we provide airport transfers, cross-checks we all flight information to an external database to ensure that the departure and arrival times are correct.


We will confirm your order immediately so you can be sure that we have received the project. Once we have allocated the project to a coordinator, analyzed the routes, driving times and created reservations in our system, we will confirm to you with the booking number and full chauffeur details.

We will confirm your order usually within 3 hours after your original request, if there are no doubts or additional information we need before we can move on.