We will usually send or post an invoice within 5 working days of service completion. For account customers, our standard payment terms are 20 days from the date of invoice and we accept payment by credit card or electronic transfer


Credit card

For non-account customers, we can only accept credit card payments and card details will be requested at the time of booking.  A copy of the invoice will be e-mailed or posted upon service completion and we will automatically charge the nominated credit card within 5 working days of invoice date,or sooner if previously authorised.


When a charge is queried or relates to a service that is the subject of an ongoing complaint, our standard payment terms continue to be effective, unless the query results in a partial or complete refund. In this case, payment terms will apply from the date of issue of any credit note or revised invoice.


Payment Terms

Our payment terms are 20 days from date of invoice and whilst we appreciate there are often delays in authorising and processing payments, we would ask for your cooperation in expediting payments as quickly as possible. We always pay our affiliates on time and this is an important aspect of helping us maintain their cooperation and dedication to providing the best service to our clients.


Exchange Rate Fluctuations

All services completed abroad will be charged to us in their local currency and we invoice to our clients in Swedish Kroner (SEK). Therefore, SwedLimo will account for any fluctuations in exchange rate and so we have to apply the caveat that rates in respect of overseas services are subject to change without notice, so please be aware that amounts on your invoice may vary slightly to those contained in your tariff.