• We accept bookings by telephone, fax or e-mail. We will confirm receipt and send confirmation of your booking, usually within 3 hours.

  • If you don’t receive this confirmation or require a service within 3 hours, you should telephone us to ensure the booking has been received and processed.

  • A booking is only confirmed when you have received the confirmation document which we will send you by e-mail or you have received verbal notification with a booking reference.


Service Performance

  • We promise that we will provide all services with reasonable skill and care and, as far as reasonably possible, in accordance with our agreement.

  • We will use reasonable efforts to ensure that the Service is provided as booked. However, we will not be liable for any loss or costs you suffer or incur through any reasonable or unavoidable delays and it is your responsibility to ensure that you book the Service to collect you in time.

  • We will not be responsible for any losses you suffer (including for example, any missed meetings or flights) due to your failure to allow sufficient time for your journey.


World Wide

Through an extensive network of international partners, we can provide the same level of service in most countries.



All our staff and subcontractors have signed a confidentiality agreement. Of course, we never disclose information about clients and passengers to a third party.


24 hour service

What time of day when you call us, you will talk to one of our dispatchers.