About us



SwedLimo stems from a group of co-workers from different limousine companies, with ambitions to start another limousine service with better focus, quality and service. 


The owner of SwedLimo is Dan Sundell who has worked at Freys Hyrverk since 1998, of which the last 11 years as chief operating officer. Dan has been in the transportation industry for over 30 years, and has built up and worked as COO at several limousine and taxi companies.


Our staff 

Our coordinators and operators have several years of experience handling road shows, transportations to and from airports, between hotels, meetings and convention centers.


Our chauffeurs/Subcontractors

Without our chauffeurs and subcontractors, we would not be anything. Whether they driving celebrities, presidents of multinational corporations or state visits, our chauffeurs take pride in providing the best possible service. Impeccably dressed, helpful and polite, they are by far our most important asset.


All our chauffeurs speaks English and Swedish fluently. If you require a chauffeur that speak another language, please ask us and we´ll do the best we can to help you.


We update and train our chauffeurs and subcontractors on a regular basis with courses in safe driving and advanced driving safety.